You have a vision.  A vision for how you want your family to live and love.  A vision of a home specifically tailored to your values, style, and way of life. One that can’t be satisfied through the limited scope of traditional Cincinnati home builders. No, you want something special.

We at Oakmont Custom Homes share that vision.  We believe a home is an extension of you and your family, a place for growing, learning, and loving. With your design and our expertise, Oakmont Custom Homes can help bring your ideas to life.


We live in a world full of cutting corners.  It’s all around, impacting us in more ways than we probably realize.  It would seem it’s just the way society is heading.  Call us old-fashioned, but we at Oakmont Custom Homes reject that notion.

With a transparent building process, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get from beginning to end.  No surprises. Whether it’s choosing your own material or leveraging our expansive relationships with local vendors, we guarantee quality and peace of mind.


There are certain expectations you have when it comes to building your dream home. Oakmont Custom Homes promises to exceed those expectations. How do we know this? We do it every time we build a new home.

We take great pride in the trust that we’re given in building you and your family a better life.  We deliver on that trust with 30 years of experience and skill in building homes in Cincinnati.  From our family to yours, that’s the Oakmont Custom Homes way.

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Oakmont Custom Homes is a Cincinnati home builder specializing in new custom homes throughout Butler County and Hamilton County. If you would like to view our model home locations, please visit our Custom Home Gallery page for more details and viewing hours.  We also have a brand new showroom to make it easy and convenient for you to plan every detail of your new home. Please visit our Design and Showroom page for more details.

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